My source code

I am happy that you have found my research helpful. I will share my java source code.

Download from Here

Some points to note:
You can run the class and it will generate a bunch of text files representing the longest prefix match, and number of memory access for each random destination address …
Also, take a look at the IP Database 40000.txt
The columns field are in this order: (1) Random destination address in decimal (2) The random destination address in binary (3) Network Mask (4) Prefix length (5) Prefix (6) Next Hop IP Decimal. First, we need is to grab column (5) and (6) for algorithm’s insertion (prefix insertion). Second, grab only column (2) for lookup (random destination address).

However, if you want a simple test for the algorithms, then you have to run the file….
I am sure that you will understand the algorithms and I am sorry that there is not much comments on the codes.

I hope this has been informative for you

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